Sobriety Spotlight

I was 15 yrs old when my mother died Because of her drug addiction, I felt like I already experience drugs I promised myself that I wouldn’t do my children like that, but I did I did it with drinking situation just a little different But I had a chance to find God before I died and now I have time yo show my children their real mother without drinking, they like me better this way and so do I like to give thanks to God and Forever Free ministries for accepting me when I lost all hope now I found myself a new me thank you.and Goodbye Alcohol.
Cynthia Thompson, Marietta GA

Alcohol and Cocaine: I have to say good bye you cant be trusted you are a thief. You’ve taken away my family friends my car my licence my job my dependability my honesty my self respect and my self esteem you are not a friend to me you are a friend of the devil himself There’s a light at the new path I have chosen and im now seeing a beautiful world ahead I can finally laugh in your face because I am tired of crying from your morning after’s I tired of lying to cover up the shame of knowing you so intimately im tired of being your whore. Please do not try to call me or find me. My number is now unlisted. My new address is heaven We both know you cant go there. I never want to see you again. This is Goodbye and Farewell.
Tamara, Smyrna GA

Good Bye Beer: Good bye to my old friend Bud Light you’ve been with me me through all my troubles you’ve been like a problem child to me, causing me pain and hardship both physically, mentally and financially. Thank God I can finally let you go and get on with my life and start to live the way I was put on this earth to be,the kind loving and caring person that I am in my sober body mind and soul. So please leave me alone so I can begin my life my life journey and look forward to my future with out any problems from you. Good Bye Forever!!!!!!
Betsy, Acworth GA

Dear Cocaine I am writing you to let you know that I cannot keep going on letting you do the things that you have done to me in my life. You have hurt and took from me for the last time, I have lost so much having you in my life,that I had to take control and make a stand that I put God first and let him take over, to get you out my life. Now I am feeling the way I suppose to feel and that is happy,joyful love. That you will no longer be a part of my life anymore!!! So have a nice journey and stay out of mine.
Evelyn P Veal, Norfolk VA

I had a thing for Mary Jane with out her my life will never be the same Our romance was long and strong I couldn’t live without her so it seemed,she was the only woman that would have me, a lover and a friend,I thought I could trust her. To my own shame she drained me almost dry,all I wanted to do was get high,I knew she wasn’t good for my heart but to live without her left me lonely and broke,I had to leave her alone. It helped to have a new love so good bye Mary I found a new love and she is a better lover so its over Good Bye.
James Brock, Marietta GA

I started using drugs and alcohol at the age of 19. they started on me on a path to no where Since I started on that road that path I have been in and out of jail catching DUI’s and disappointing my family as well as myself. Since I have realized that I am better than that, I can be a much bigger person. I don’t have to be broke all the time. I can pay my bills and support my family I never realized how great life can be or even the great and wonderful things that go on around me until I sobered up . Now I have a wonderful family that loves and care for me and I wouldn’t give that up for even five minutes of being high or drunk. Anyone reading this should take a great piece of advice from someone who has been there It so not worth it. So this is my farewell to drugs and alcohol you will no longer control my life.
Russell Omar , Marietta GA 

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